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Celebrating ✨ 2 years✨and every single dang year before that on the journey here👉 ⁣

2 years since I quit my job and began my journey as self-employed. ⁣

I worried:⁣
• people would think I only did it because I got married, not because I could actually earn for myself. ⁣
• that many would call me a sell-out for not just doing what I’d done for a decade: work for free (or close to it)⁣
• that I’d fail ⁣
• that nobody would respect this work as legitimate⁣

What happened:⁣
•All of the above! ⁣

What I’ve learned:⁣
• people will always make assumptions of you, it is not your truth ⁣
• I have failed a few times! And always learned from it. I know now that in the efforts, much has been learned that will lend itself to my entire resume and career no matter what the path⁣
• when a woman makes a living in unconventional ways, it has, historically, always been questioned/mocked/frowned upon. Find peace in that. ⁣

Thank you to those who have been here for any slice of the last 12 years. ⁣
Thank you to those who push me to not apologize or hide success in the last 2 years but rather, celebrate it. ⁣

None of this is without you. 🙏

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