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Sarah Nicole Landry aka @TheBirdsPapaya is a divorced and remarried mom of four (newborns to teens) who loves cultivating powerful social media conversations around life and our experiences in it. Sarah is a body confidence advocate, speaker, writer, 4x cover girl and weekly podcast host. Recent notable career achievements include the 2020 Iris Awards “Instagrammer of the Year”, as well as one of Today’s Parent’s “Most Influential Parents”. Her lifestyle includes approximately 22,000 unanswered emails, a baby on the boob, and peanut butter straight from the jar. She wrote this bio about herself.


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All My Sephora Faves!

I figured it was time to get all my Sephora favourites in one place. I’ll be honest, I don’t veer from my favourites often, so while this list may grow over time it’s mostly based around the items I am time and time again reaching for and time and time again re-ordering. Given my job, […]

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The Papaya Box is Back Again!

As you may know, my love affair with Knix dates back to 2017 with an Instagram post and a big shout-out to the awesome brand, who caught wind of this post that went viral. From that moment on, a friendship and partnership were born. 4 years later, I’ve had the pleasure of launching not one, […]

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The Dream Bathroom Reveal

After a long, held breath, I’m ready to reveal our bathroom. To give you a bit of backstory, when we bought this house we knew it needed updating. We decided to pick one piece of it a year and do something. The 2020 project was supposed to be a fence, butttt…. to my own luck, […]

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