my story

Hi, I’m Sarah! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. Don’t mind the dust bunnies, they just seem to follow me wherever I go.

14 years ago in the pits of motherhood I found a blog. Then, another one. And another. For the first time in a long time I felt connected to humans I had never met. It made me feel less alone in life and my own experiences, too. So, with no idea of what I was doing, I started my blog by googling “how to make a blog”, coding it myself and naming it after my two daughters – Jemma “birdie” and Maya “papaya”.

Who am I though? I ask myself daily, I discover more daily. But for the sake of a bio I’ll give you the starters: I’m a mom of 4 kids aged 1-16, divorced and remarried and now blended perfectly together. After getting exhausted by social media and body perfecting habits along the way, I decided to change the way I showed up in the world. Healing through my perfectionism, disordered eating, body shame and so much more, I now love having powerful social media conversations around life and our experiences in it.

I am a body confidence advocate, speaker, writer, occasional model, and weekly podcast host and an ongoing student of life. If you like what you see, I hope you’ll grab a snack, sit down and stay a while.

frequently asked questions

It is! However that branches in a few different ways. The Papaya Podcast, The Blog, Pink Papaya App. As a creator you can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok!

I began blogging when my daughters Maya and Jemma were toddlers, and I named the blog after their nicknames. Jemma “birdie” Maya “papaya”

It began during a season of life that I was a stay at home mom, living 6 hours away from friends and family and struggle to feel connected to the world. I began reading blogs and was so amazed at how I felt seen in these shared experiences. But, eventually, I wanted to talk back, write, create, craft. So with a broken lap top and googling “how to code a blog” I began The Birds Papaya

I started because I longed to connect with others. Now, I get to do that every day. Finding community in something as simple, yet as complex, as an app in your phone is just such an amazing thing.

First of all, thanks for asking! Collaborating with others is such a fun part of the job and truly how we keep it going! You can email us at [email protected]

The answer is never no. Currently, we do not have any open positions, but being that this is a business to which each can create and build upon opportunities within the company, it’s always ok to shoot your shot.

I think I’d be working in marketing, it’s always been a passion of mine!

None. Scary isn’t it?

Tapping into the parts of us that often don’t get indulged.

By stopping chasing the feeling of love and instead show up in the action of love!

I have some pretty big boundaries around family and work time. For instance, you will rarely see me “work” on a weekend, or in the evenings. I try my best to keep it 9-5 and work after they go to bed if I need to make up for loss time or to hit a deadline.