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Whenever anyone looks down at my wrist and says “oh, an Apple Watch!” it’s almost immediately followed up with “is it worth it?”

Shane bought me my first Apple Watch 2 years ago. A series 4. It was a “congrats you quit your job!” gift and I had always wanted one.

The problem with any new technology is it’s hard to immediately tell exactly why you need it. I mean, don’t we all remember the days when suddenly we could TEXT our friends, and slowly adapted to that being the new reality of communication?

I loved my Apple Watch, but…I didn’t entirely know what it would do for me, and what the benefits are. Frankly, because it’s always been able to do more than I’ve ever tapped into.

Before long, it was easy to see exactly where the Apple Watch would fit into my lifestyle, my job, and… my mental health.

I work for myself.
Which means, my separation from personal life and work life is nearly impossible.

I need ways to disconnect, without risking myself or others by simply leaving a phone at home.

My Apple Watch gave that to me. My connected disconnectivity. I’ve talked and raved about this for years. I would now consider it an essential part of my life.

  • I can go on a walk and listen to music, track my fitness with just a watch.

  • with cellular service, I can take calls without my phone.

  • Talk-to-text on the Apple Watch is so accurate I use it almost more than ACTUAL texting these days.

  • Fitness Tracking (which, if it’s problematic for you, can be turned off!)

  • Fall Detection

  • The added security I feel knowing my heart-rate is being monitored with the echocardiogram aka ECG Heart feature (while pregnant, this feels extra important).

Apple Watch Series 6, Image from

Apple Watch Series 6, Image from

So what’s new with the Apple Watch Series 6?

Well, let me share with you the things that I certainly felt the most excited about.

  • It’s lightweight

  • it comes in GOLD! So chic!

  • The display is brighter and slightly faster in response

  • There’s a new hand-washing timer, that activates when the Apple Watch senses that you’re washing your hands, and begins a timer.

  • Blood Oxygen Levels can now be monitored with the new Apple Watch. This is huge.*

    *”Blood Oxygen app measurements are not intended for medical use, including self-diagnosis or consultation with a doctor, and are only designed for general fitness and wellness purposes. If you have questions about your health, contact a medical professional,” says Apple on its site.

  • It’s clear that with Series 6, the focus is health. With a tagline “The Future Of Health Is On Your Wrist”.


So, is it worth it?

If you own a Series 4 or earlier, now is the time to upgrade. The features rolled out over the series 5 and now 6 are significant enough to create a noticeable impact. If you own an Apple Watch Series 5? The differences may be marginal, but fun and exciting if you’re a bit of a tech junkie!

I also think if you have a parent or grandparent who lives independently, the features of the Apple Watch between heart rate monitoring, fall detection, and now the blood oxygen level measurements this can be a great gift for them, and for yourself. They want to be independent, you want peace of mind. After hearing enough stories of how this simple device actually lent itself in a way that assisted in saving lives… it just hits in a whole new way.


In addition to the Apple Series 6 there is the newer, more affordable Apple Watch SE. For more information on that or to buy you can go here.

Apple Watch SE, Image from

Apple Watch SE, Image from

For more on the Apple Series 6 watch, visit

* this content was not sponsored by Apple, but I was loaned the Apple Series 6 for the purpose of this review*