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It will bother some people greatly when you start to work on loving yourself. ⁣
Do it anyway. ⁣
It will cause some to critique your every move or thing. ⁣
Keep going anyway. ⁣
You will be questioned for your intentions with men/women/others when it was never about them, and has always been about you. ⁣
Love on yourself anyway.⁣
You will be spoken of unkindly behind your back and to your face.⁣
That’s on them, anyway. ⁣

It’s ok and actually incredibly normal to want to be accepted. It’s ok if when even ONE rejects you, it feels crushing and embarrassing and you want that feeling to go away.⁣

When we’ve been conditioned to care more about how others feel about our existence than how we feel existing, it’s a hard switch to flip.⁣

But we should do it anyway. ⁣

Because after living for everyone else, or for that one, for those few or that some… it’s real nice to know who you are. ⁣
To love that you. ⁣
And the right ones love that you.