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We didn’t know then.⁣

We didn’t know that this new chapter would bring about whole new challenges. ⁣
We didn’t know that we would be separated for much of the big stuff.⁣
We didn’t know that there would be so much light, and yet I would slip away into a whole new darkness. ⁣
We didn’t know that things would get complicated, and hard. ⁣
We didn’t know that some of these complications would demand new things of us. New intimacies, new frustrations. ⁣
We didn’t know how scary this would be, how little control we would have. ⁣
We didn’t know that some days the most we could do is hug and hold hands and say no words. ⁣
We didn’t know how much we would need each other, and how much I would need of him to get through. ⁣

We also didn’t know how much this would shape us and strengthen us. ⁣
We didn’t know how many new and simpler things would feel the most intimate and special. ⁣
We didn’t know that we could do this, and we are. ⁣
We didn’t know how as lonely as it could be, we could find understanding in each other. ⁣
We didn’t know that even in darkness, we could find joy and light and peace. ⁣
We didn’t know that we could walk bravely together, absolutely afraid. ⁣

We didn’t know. ⁣

And I’m glad we didn’t. ⁣

Because each day we are learning. ⁣
We’re doing what needs doing. ⁣
Holding hands.⁣
Hugging. ⁣
Bravely together. ⁣
Absolutely afraid.

📷 @lydiaivyphotography