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You will always be too much for some and too little for others. ⁣

But remember whose home it is. ⁣

Sometimes we paint walls to cover up things we don’t want to show. ⁣
When we aren’t ready, or we are working through our whys and the opinions of others, so we use the paint to hide. ⁣

Sometimes we want to leave the walls bare. We want to relish in existence just as we are. Letting ourselves just be. ⁣

And sometimes we paint walls to be creative, express, and enjoy the home we’re in. To own her. To love her. To find that freedom to choose each day. A splash of red. A stroke of black. A swipe of pink. ⁣

Because they are our walls.⁣
This is our home. ⁣

But they are also *just* the walls. ⁣
They aren’t the stories or the magic or the memories or the meanings. ⁣
If someone came into your home and judged you for your walls, they’d miss it all. They’d miss the good stuff. ⁣

So just go and live and breathe and do and be all the things you want to. Whether you paint or whether you relish in your stay. ⁣

This is your home. ⁣
Make ✨your✨ choices.
Create good memories with it. ⁣