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The idea of going back, brings no honour to who we are or what we become as we move forward. ⁣

I spent the better part of a decade fighting to go back. To the body and the ideals I held before growth, change, a personal evolution. ⁣

I disrespected my body. ⁣
I dishonoured her. ⁣
I, many times, looked for ways to erase her or the truths she held. A blur here. A virtual tuck there. ⁣
A proudly skipped meal. ⁣

I don’t show up today because I am better than my yesterday. I show up today becuase I am bettering my tomorrow’s by honouring myself each day. ⁣
Through change. ⁣
Through discomfort. ⁣
Through growth, through grief. ⁣

We are moving. ⁣
We are in motion. ⁣
Forward. ⁣
Not still. ⁣
And most certainly not back.