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Showing up as yourself is a hard thing to rock when you also want to be liked, palatable and digestible to the world who watches you.⁣

Like Kady in Mean Girls who thought she had to play dumb for a boy to like her.⁣
For every female CEO who denies her real title so she doesn’t come off too intimidating.⁣
For every compliment we reject, because we don’t want to seem too cocky for accepting it.⁣
For every moment we’ve been uncomfortable and don’t speak up for fear of being perceived too bitchy or too square. ⁣
For every time we silenced our truths so we didn’t seem too outspoken. ⁣
For every time we downplay our successes so we don’t seem too conceited. ⁣
For every time we download our hardships so we don’t seem too needy. ⁣

We DILUTE ourselves.⁣

We overcompensate with explanations of WHY we’re worthy, instead of just owning that we are. ⁣

We fear rejection.⁣
So much so, it alters and suppresses the parts of us that we truly want to be or get the support that we deserve.⁣

We make ourselves uncomfortable for the sake of others comfort. ⁣

So I ask you, yet again…⁣
If the only opinion that mattered was your own, WHO WOULD YOU BE? How can we be more her? With a willingness to be wrong, a willingness to listen and learn, but yet a willingness to continue to show up.

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