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Rest doesn’t end up on the front of t-shirts. Rest isn’t a topic we go and listen to inspirational speeches on. Rest isn’t written about enough, made into quotes, printed on paper, framed in frames and hung on walls. ⁣⁣
Hustle, is. ⁣⁣
Working so hard it hurts, is. ⁣⁣
Productivity, is. ⁣⁣
Burnout is a missed reaction. ⁣⁣
Burnout is too late. ⁣⁣
Last year, the World Health Organization recognized and classified burnout as an official medical disorder and included it in the International Classification of Diseases. ⁣⁣

Studies show 75% of workers experience burnout, women more likely than men. ⁣
Rest prevents burnout. ⁣⁣
Rest breeds productivity. ⁣⁣
Rest keeps us going. ⁣⁣
It’s ok to love the hustle, I mean, I feel like it keeps me mentally and creatively going sometimes. ⁣⁣
Glamorize it, only if you’re willing to glamorize it’s equally important counterpart of rest. ⁣⁣
Today, I choose rest. ⁣⁣
Every email ping a challenge. ⁣⁣
Every moment of comparison a test. ⁣⁣
Every ounce of guilt a realization.⁣⁣
How badly, I need this rest. ⁣⁣
There is no light without dark. ⁣
There is no productivity without rest. ⁣⁣
Because resting easy, is part of working hard.