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We’re being distracted. ⁣

That’s what happens every time we take pause at the mirror and feel like less. ⁣

Distracted. ⁣

Every time we hold ourselves back from love, intimacy and embrace for fear of what another may think. ⁣

Distracted. ⁣

Every moment we spend moving our bodies, driven by a hate for it. ⁣

Distracted. ⁣

Every time we say “no” out of fear of what we look like and out of not authority of who we are. ⁣

Distracted. ⁣

Every social event we spend comparing our bodies instead of enjoying the moments together.⁣

Distracted. ⁣

We all have the same amount of hours in the day. ⁣
But we’re being distracted, and letting the wrong things take up that time and space. ⁣

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t have a negative thought or 20 about my body. ⁣

Not a day.⁣

It’s just that I’ve got bigger focus now. ⁣
More awareness and less tolerance for distractions. ⁣
No time for the things trying to pull us away from the big stuff by making us feel small. ⁣

It’s all a distraction.⁣