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This is what it’s like being on social media right now for me. ⁣

I upload a pregnancy announcement. Couple ultrasound pics and BAM, targeted. ⁣

But let’s talk about it. ⁣
Let’s UNPACK. ⁣

Where does pregnancy weight come from?
Let’s go with facts over fears here, because many of us are still sifting through our own internalized fat phobias… and it’s ok to talk about. ⁣

Now, before we go on… if your pregnancy weight gain came from eating whatever goes down? Valid. ⁣
If you’ve gained weight because this is your first time ever experiencing food freedom? Have at it! ⁣
Losing weight due to pregnancy illness? Shed that guilt and shame right now. You’re doing a great job. We ALL are. ⁣

But here’s the breakdown…⁣
Here’s what that weight gain is for, scientifically:⁣
1.5 pounds: the placenta⁣
7 pounds: maternal stores of fat, protein, and other nutrients⁣
7.5 pounds: your average full-term baby⁣
2 pounds: breast tissue⁣
4 pounds: increased fluid volume⁣
4 pounds: increased blood volume⁣
2 pounds: the uterus⁣
2 pounds: amniotic fluid⁣
Total = 30 pounds⁣

Over a span of 40 weeks that’s half a pound, a pound or 2 lbs a week… or more! OR WHATEVER YOUR BODY NEEDS. ⁣

My body is currently on a form of rest for reasons that could put my life and my baby’s in jeopardy if I don’t listen. Do you REALLY think the pressure to not listen to that advice to avoid weight gain, or achieve some perfect pregnancy form is ok? Of course not! ⁣

And I’m ok.⁣
I’m cutting through the crap. ⁣
But for many, perhaps on their first journey through thinking about pregnancy or wondering the impacts on their body, this is dangerous, this is not the way. ⁣

Grace, respect, understanding for ourselves and each other on our own unique journeys, pregnant or not… ⁣
This is the way. ⁣