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My absolute favourite song is about a woman who waits. Waits on someone else. ⁣

She holds off her life for him. ⁣
Stands by the door for him. ⁣
Keeps herself from love for him. ⁣
Chasing something that is not for her. ⁣

All the while, there’s someone who does want her. ⁣
To love her. To hold her. To stand by her. ⁣
And she misses it. ⁣
Because she’s too focused on what she doesn’t have. ⁣

I’ve listened to this song for 20 years. ⁣
I’ve always heard it as a lost love song. ⁣

I never heard it for the story of the woman and wait and her chase. ⁣

So I listened to it differently this time. ⁣
I removed the men from the equation and left her. ⁣
Why was she so beholden to something else, something more, when she had so much right in front of her?⁣

Recognizing how much I’ve done this over the years. ⁣
How many times I chase what’s next or what’s better instead of seeing and cherishing what is in front of me.⁣

Goals and ambitions are fantastic. ⁣
Fighting for more in life is what keeps us going. ⁣

But what is enough?⁣
When do we feel it’s ever enough? ⁣
If we feel we’ve done enough, are enough, does that stop us from becoming more?⁣

“Enough is a decision, not an amount” – @thealisonshow

We can be enough and we can become more. ⁣
We can appreciate what we have, who we have, where we are, as we navigate the roads we have not yet. ⁣

But our hearts rely on us being here. ⁣
Present. Willing. Grateful. ⁣

The second we are only looking at the hilltops wondering what’s on the other side, we’ve lost the view, we’ve lost the vision. ⁣

Time was not given to us to just wait. ⁣
Time is here. ⁣
Present, beautiful, here.