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When’s the last time you fell in love with someone and the rest was history… love struck, oozing of joy, blissful history?

Wait, nobody? Not a thing?

It’s not a thing because every single person and thing you love, at times will challenge you and frustrate you. It might even shake your belief in love completely.

Your parents. Your siblings. Your partner. Your best friends. Your kids. Heck, even the cute dog you love so much sometimes pees on the rug.

It’s never perfect. It’s always a journey.

Our bodies are no different. Yet, we want them to be.

We want to love our body and that be the end of the story. We forget, like any relationship, it needs time to bond. It can take work, or therapy, healing and rest. It may take some wooing and pursuing too.

We have to take the pressure off of ourselves to get it all right and feel good all the time. Now, I just want to commit to the relationship. The ups and downs, the good days and bad, and keep the core of love thriving as it goes.

I love the quote that says:
“Loving your body only when it’s perfectly fit is like loving your children only when they’re perfectly behaved” –@jessikneeland

Self love is not a destination. It’s a relationship.

And not the easiest one.
But perhaps, the only one that impacts all others.