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How do you trust a promise when you know they can be broken?

We’ve all been there.
We’ve made promises.
We’ve had promises made to us.

Some get broken.
Others stay kept.

Which makes promises feel like a hope a wish or a dream, not a sure thing.

And that’s hard, isn’t it?
It’s hard.
Uncertainty is hard.
Trust is hard.

This last month I got to watch some of my fears be put to bed as I witnessed promises being kept.

Ones to support me.
Ones to show up for me.
Ones that said I would never feel alone.

They were kept.

And that feels important to talk about.
Because I need us all to remember that promises weren’t made to be broken, even if that’s what we’ve had before, even if that’s what we’ve done before.
Promises were made to be kept, and not just kept, but nourished, cherished, thanked.

Trusting a promise can be scary.

But sometimes it can be really healing, too.
To the hearts that know too well what a broken promise looks like. For the hearts that need to know what it’s like to have a promise kept whole.