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I’m doing a lot of things these days that are not part of my normal lifestyle. Even things I felt I’d “rid” my lifestyle of, as if I’d found a moral high ground without them. Things like drinking diet soda, playing video games, watching tv til 2am and endless bowls of cereal for no reason. ⁣

Maybe you relate. ⁣
Or perhaps you’re dealing with this entirely differently. ⁣

Perhaps for many, we are reaching, emotionally. ⁣
Because it all feels so constant. ⁣

I don’t know what’s right, I’m not sure any of us do. ⁣
So we do what feels the closest thing to it. ⁣

Just in need of simple comforts. ⁣
Reminding ourselves it’s not “bad” to do so. ⁣
Even if it’s all contrastingly different than what we did before. ⁣

This is us, coping during a pandemic without any guidebook in place to do so. ⁣

And it feels unstable. ⁣
Because really, it is. ⁣

So we may move from laughing to crying one moment to the next. ⁣

“I got this” to “no I don’t” from one room to the next. ⁣

Grateful for this time, and resentful of it too. ⁣

So I’m doing what feels the closest to right, right now. ⁣

Drinking the damn soda. Eating more damn carbs. Watch TV to drown out the noise. ⁣

Whatever feels the closest to right.