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Just because you are a woman at home, does not have to mean:⁣

👉 you are obligated to have sex with your partner ⁣
👉 have to keep the house pristine ⁣
👉 you are solely responsible for all meals ⁣
👉 that if you are both working from home, you become the default parent to child rear/home school ⁣

Family dynamics and roles are personal and defined by each individual family unit. By communication and respectful coupling. ⁣

Gender roles need not apply here. ⁣

With these new at-home days now in effect, it’s important to know that equal rights still exist. It’s important to know that just because you are the WOMAN does not mean your career will be the default one to be compromised. ⁣

It means working TOGETHER. ⁣
It means respect. ⁣
It means doing whatever you need to be doing to balance in these new norms. ⁣

So it can also mean:⁣
👉 having sex with your partner because you want to!⁣
👉 breaking down the chores between you!⁣
👉 creating a family meal plan where all are involved ⁣
👉 discuss how to balance two working partners and the best way to make compromises. ⁣


Single/single parents, keep being the damn superheroes you are. Let us know how we can support you from a responsible distance. I’ve been there before, but hardly in these circumstances. Let us help you. ⁣

Those in troubled/abusive situations, if you need to, dial #SAFE (#7233) on your Bell, Rogers, Fido or Telus Mobile. Or toll free at 1.866.863.0511.