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Do you remember that one heartbreak? ⁣
That one. ⁣
The one that felt like your heart was ripping from your body. ⁣
Or maybe remember that time you got caught in a lie. ⁣
That fight you had with your parents. ⁣
That failing grade. ⁣
That rejection. ⁣
The friend who left you. ⁣
The loss of someone you loved so deeply. ⁣

Do you remember the sobs that shook you so hard you felt you couldn’t breathe?⁣
How you’d scream in pain. ⁣
And curl into yourself. ⁣

You’d wake with eyes swollen, doing your best to hide just how awful it all was to be inside of you right then. ⁣

Do you remember that pain? ⁣
The moments that felt unending. ⁣
While it felt like it was all ending? ⁣

And yet here you stand.⁣
Here you ARE. ⁣
Living in the days after. ⁣
Living past the ones you thought were the end. ⁣

Sometimes we get so numbed by life and the monotony of it all, we forget how magical we’ve become. ⁣
How each and every day is a proof of a strength we didn’t even know we had before. ⁣

How you standing, ⁣
You being. ⁣
Is truly a witness to a miraculous power. ⁣
A miraculous you. ⁣

Because here you are. ⁣
Here you stand. ⁣
Living, in the days after.