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Once a secret gets exposed, it loses its power. ⁣

I’ve heard that quote a handful of times before and for whatever reason I always relate it back to my journey with self love. ⁣

Because honestly? I felt like I was holding a secret. So much hate. So much misery. So much disgust. OVER MY BODY. ⁣
I would cry over my pregnancy photos. I would cringe at the sight of my body in a mirror after weight loss. I would wear T-shirt’s and cover ups and never ever expose it. ⁣

All of these heavy burdens. ⁣
All of them, like a secret. ⁣

Posting photos like this might be helping others. But more so, they’ve helped me. They took my secrets into the open. ⁣

They lost their power over me. ⁣

It was slow but steady, but began completely changing the fibre of my being. So much so, that I still can’t really fully grasp my joy around it. ⁣

When I snapped this photo today, I was fascinated. Not ashamed. Not disgusted. ⁣

I felt powerful, almost majestic. The human body is sooooo freaking cool, with built-in expanders to allow us to change and adapt, go through puberty, bear children, grow muscles and so much more. ⁣

And we sit here and we criticize it for a job well done. ⁣

I just don’t want to do that anymore. ⁣

I want to take my secrets, my burdens, and my shame, and I want to expose them. Not to set THEM free, but to set ME free. ⁣

And I want to HONOUR my body, thank it and love it. ⁣

For a job well done. ⁣