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I think we forget too often the power of being a woman. 

Gosh, I remember the days I felt weak and small for being a girl. I couldn’t bear to be alone in a house, drive very far, let along feel confident and empowered. 

That was, of course, until life turned upside down (Fresh Princess over here) and I found out about what women are truly made of.

And maybe I speak only for me, because I’m the only one who knows my own thoughts and feelings and experiences, but man… we can do some hard things! There is nothing like being completely broken and shattered on the inside, just to wake up, plaster on a smile, make pancakes and make the world of those you love keep spinning.

There’s nothing like a woman who hustles for what she loves. She says yes to everyone else, often forgetting to say yes to herself. But she learns that she pours better from a full cup. 

She will wear heels that will cramp and blister her feet because she loves to feel tall and powerful, and then again, she also wears sweats and top knots to remind her that home is where her heart is.

Her body changes in a million ways with each chapter of life. It’s terrifying and beautiful all at once. But when she learns to recognize it’s beauty, amazing things happen.

She can sing songs making dinner and silently cry behind closed doors protecting hearts that need not know her pain.

Maybe she was once scared of the world, the unknown, but she learns to channel her anxiety and fears into a place of ambition and drive.

Her voice is often quiet and steady, and other times loud and willful. 

She is resilient and wild. 

Persistent and strong. 

When you ask me what the power of a woman is, I can only smile. 

If only they knew. 😉