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We’re being distracted from what’s really important. We’re being misinformed, and lied to. Everyday, for decades, but now…more than ever. So Actress/Writer/Activist Jameela Jamil did something rather transformative about it (like, law-changing transformative) by taking a real look behind the scenes of what was happening in celebrity culture, influencer culture and diet culture. Jameela, with a call to stop weighing ourselves with scales, and start weighing ourselves for MORE, began a movement known as “I Weigh”. Now a podcast, Youtube series and highly-followed Instagram page. Today we unpack how I Weigh began, where it is now, and how YOU can be your own activist, and start using the power you have on social media (it’s not as scary as you think!). This episode will probably have you reeling and thinking…for a long while after. 

You can follow Jameela @JameelaJamilOfficial as well as @iWeigh, listen to her podcast “I Weigh With Jameela Jamil” as well as her YouTube Channel Jameela Jamil x I Weigh