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Just a couple of years ago, Hamilton, Ontario native Emily O’Brien spent 7 months in prison after being arrested at Pearson Airport for drug importation. Her story of how she got there and her journey since is truly captivating. But wait, popcorn? Find out how Emily grew a brand from prison, hiring other convicts as employees.

Her popcorn company is called Comeback Snacks but the company is only a fraction of her overall story or her mission in this world. Emily recently won a Women of Distinction award, as well as mentors, speaks at schools and through other organizations focusing on the success of women and girls and social justice efforts. As much as she is an extraordinary businesswoman, her advocacy and ability to educate are incredibly powerful. Can’t wait for you to hear her story. 

Follow Emily on IG @emz.obrien and @ComebackSnacks or visit her website at