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Roles are reversed this week as Sarah interviews Kaitlyn! Back in 2018, Sarah’s first-ever podcast interview was on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s hit podcast “Off The Vine” which pushed so for the Papaya Podcast to even come to be! This full-circle interview with Kaitlyn, we sit down in her home in Nashville, surrounded by friends and discuss her time as The Bachelorette, rescuing her amazing dogs from another country, what really to gets to her, and fun some life chats. Kaitlyn is an inspiration for anyone with or without a platform who wants to be inspired on how you can support other women without feeling threatened yourself. Dive into this episode with this truly a one of a kind human. 

You can find Kaitlyn on Instagram @KaitlynBristowe, as well as HER podcast @OffTheVinePodcast, her scrunchie line @Dewedit and her new wines @SpadeAndSparrows.