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A top nominated guest for The Papaya Podcast, Amanda Muse is ready to sit down and share! Amanda was a new young mother living abroad with her pilot husband when she realized, she could get really involved in the community experience online. So she picked up a camera, and it began. Years have passed, and she continues to carry around a camera, living and breathing the walks of life while sharing it in a way that feels so unlike the rest: raw, gritty and real…before all of that was “cool”. In this podcast, we talk about her 15 year age-gap marriage, the importance of community building, women & their worth, and that one accidental phone call Amanda & Sarah had, that changed Sarah’s life. Tune in for this “girlfriends who love to chat” conversation around this wild life we lead. 

You can find Amanda on Instagram @AmandaMuse, as well as Youtube @AmandaMuse and tune into HER podcast “The Sandwich” With Amanda Muse.