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The language and labels we choose are so important. ⁣
Life changing, really. ⁣

The words placed on subjects begin determining a worth or value factor, even suggesting it’s truth. ⁣

Families of divorce are labeled “broken”. ⁣
Families not of divorced are labeled “whole”. ⁣

It wrecked me, those labels. ⁣
Paralyzed me with fear of them. ⁣

How, on the quest to being more whole, can you possibly begin with brokenness?⁣
How could I let my children grow up in a broken home? ⁣

And yet, ⁣
Families together can be broken. ⁣
Families apart can be whole. ⁣
That’s a truth, too. ⁣

Just one we don’t talk of often. ⁣
Too hard to explain the complexities of that math. ⁣

But that’s our truth. ⁣
imperfect, but our whole. ⁣
2 + 1 parents.⁣
2 homes. ⁣
3 kids.⁣
1 common goal.⁣

It’s not perfect. In fact, sometimes it feels really broken. ⁣

But this, right here and now, the last 5 years… is the best work I’ve done in giving my kids and myself wholeness. ⁣

It’s labeled broken. ⁣
But we know differently. ⁣
It’s our truth. ⁣
And that the truth that matters, as we live it.