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I bought 2 pairs of jeans yesterday. They are both the same brand. YET – They are 4 SIZES apart. One of them, double digits. They both fit perfectly. 😱 

I own jeans in size 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 and I wear all of them currently. 

A year ago I think this would have ripped me apart in side. Made me “feel fat” or like my success or my body or my health were slipping. 

Now? Now I don’t give a crap. I dress my body. I don’t dress for a size or a number. 

A number cannot define you or your worth, success or anything else. Size 6 is like this ideal for many, and yet the fashion industry would consider that plus sized. The average size for a woman in North America? 12-14. 

You are not a size. It literally has no meaning or value except being somewhat of a guide measurement which often isn’t even right. So what if today I’m a 10 and tomorrow I’m a 2? It doesn’t matter. I know this now. 

Clothing and fashion and style aren’t defined by the numbers but OH how they try to. 

My friends, Don’t fall into the trap. 

We have cute jeans to wear and no time for that. 👖💁🏼‍♀️