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I’ve been handed a temporary pass to gain weight. ⁣

I’m not sure who gave it to me, but it’s here. ⁣

And it is temporary. ⁣

During this pass: I will be allowed to honour my body, my cravings, my needs. I will be permitted to eat, exercise, expand and change the way my body sees fit. ⁣

But it IS temporary. ⁣

My body will in a few months time transition from a living, giving vessel of life, to an aftermath of a grand event. ⁣

An aftermath. ⁣
No longer an event. ⁣

Whether we say it or not, we will watch and wait and see “Can she snap back?” “Will she try?” with intentional and unintentional fans of each side. ⁣

It’s what we do. ⁣
We watch. We wait. ⁣

This is what plagues a woman. ⁣
This is why for many, pregnancy weight gain fear still exists as food freedom enters her life, perhaps for the first time ever as she gets her pass. ⁣

But immediately after, the pass is revoked and it’s time to conform again. ⁣

Snap back. ⁣
Bounce back. ⁣
Just whatever you do, go back!⁣

Even if your hormones are entirely different. Your hips have rotated. Your skin has expanded. Your very cells have changed. ⁣

Me? I don’t like being pregnant this time. Not at all.⁣

The pass feels like a curse. ⁣
A reminder that we are only given societal passes when we meet another standard such as bringing life forward. ⁣

But the pass givers time is running out. ⁣
For how little they know. ⁣
How close we are. Collectively. ⁣
To finally seeing. ⁣

That we ARE and always will be, the main event. ⁣

And we stop waiting for passes for freedom in our bodies.

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