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Angry? Furious? Hurt? ⁣

Valid. ⁣

But here’s the thing…⁣
Come closer… because this is important. ⁣

I never receive this type of hate without actively showing the areas of me publicly that are less socially acceptable. I get that choice. Daily. I can tuck it away and “hide” it, or show it. ⁣

For many, their less socially acceptable parts cannot be hidden, cannot be a choice. For they are their entire being. ⁣

It may not be said to their faces. ⁣
But it said in every ramp that isn’t there. ⁣
Every seat made 3 sizes too small. ⁣
Each doctors appt for a sore throat that was blamed on their weight. ⁣
The stores that don’t welcome them, or section them off from the rest based on sizing. ⁣

Get angry. Be furious. Feel hurt. ⁣
And let’s use it to see the bigger issue at hand. ⁣

I’m a size medium. I wear straight sizes (even while pregnant). I can shop anywhere. I can walk into a gym and exercise with ease. I’m fat shamed and body shamed daily. But, it’s still my choice to take that risk. ⁣

Many don’t have the privilege to have that choice. ⁣

Body shaming is never ok. ⁣
And the whole world has been participating in it, in ways we don’t even realize. ⁣

It’s been a privilege to never have to realize…⁣