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Even pregnant bodies go through dysmorphia and (often unintentional) body shaming. From “so small!” to “woah is that twins?” it’s a constant battle of asking yourself if you’re too small or too big. ⁣⁣
But I mean, WHAT ELSE IS NEW?!⁣⁣
In a still image, much can be manipulated from one swing to another, from weight, bloating, butt size and so more.
The fact this happens so much, is not the fault of any one person but an entire structure that has women thinking:⁣⁣
“How can I conform?” ⁣⁣
There have been 3 occasions this pregnancy already where I have sucked in with all my might, just to see if my pants fit. Who did this to me? Why is that even there? ⁣⁣
Pregnancy has put me on a fast-paced test. ⁣⁣
Can I trust my body? ⁣⁣
Can I honour my body?⁣⁣
Can I properly grieve my body? ⁣⁣
Can I exist in my body?⁣⁣
Can I RESPECT my body? ⁣⁣
I have openly and audibly practiced saying “I’m struggling”. Because amidst all this joy and excitement is still a lot of fear and body related thoughts. ⁣⁣
But I don’t need to hold my breath, stand still and be a statue to feel ok in this ever changing body. ⁣⁣
I need to, and choose to, breathe. ⁣