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I spent months feeling like I couldn’t do this. My body was failing me. My heart and brain were too. ⁣

I was too scared to love her. ⁣
And too sick to feel much of anything else. ⁣

Depression set in. ⁣

So I’m just not sure when it happened. ⁣
When I fell in love. ⁣
Or it even began. ⁣

Slowly, yet suddenly, it was just there. ⁣
Much like all the times before in life. ⁣
Where you go from a wandering to an intention. ⁣

This thing, ⁣
This love. ⁣

Maybe it was when I saw her face. ⁣
Maybe it was when she started responding to my voice. ⁣

Maybe it’s in the quiet moments when I feel so alone and a swoosh of a hand inside me reminds me that I’m not. ⁣

And so our love story didn’t start off the way I imagined. ⁣
It’s been rocky, scary, and detached. ⁣

Prenatal depression is hard. ⁣
Love doesn’t fix it all. ⁣

I still get sick a lot. ⁣
I still feel very scared to lose her. ⁣
I still feel scared to lose myself, too. ⁣

But what great love doesn’t come with the risk of your entire being? ⁣

So. ⁣
My girl, my girl. ⁣
I’m not sorry it took this long.⁣
Because loving you is scary.⁣
But it’s the good kind of scary. ⁣
The kind that takes a wandering, scared heart and brings it home to its intention. ⁣

We were meant for this.⁣
And in our final weeks tethered together, soon we will both see.