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I’ve felt lost in my body before. ⁣
Lost in my thoughts before. ⁣
Lost in my emotions before. ⁣

But being lost requires navigation. ⁣

Because you don’t just get to keep being lost.⁣
You have to find your way. ⁣

We could retrace our steps, go back to where we came from, the old thoughts, old emotions, old habits. ⁣
But that takes us nowhere. ⁣

I feel lost right now. ⁣
It’s a peaceful and agitating feeling all at once. ⁣

Knowing my desire to get it right while knowing that it will take being wrong (a lot) in the process. ⁣

Yet, what an opportunity.⁣
To seek, learn, navigate. ⁣
There are maps. EVERYWHERE.
Ask questions! Read books! Take classes! ⁣

Being lost doesn’t mean we need to be found. ⁣
Being lost can mean we need to learn our way through. ⁣

I may be quieter, because I’m focused. ⁣
I may be different, because I’ve learned differently. ⁣

I may be lost, but I am navigating.