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I took 15 pregnancy tests, sitting in disbelief at 20 years old, for what would be my new reality. ⁣

I was terrified. ⁣
Elated. ⁣
Confused. ⁣
Excited. ⁣

I thought those feelings would pass.
Instead, they would be the heartbeat of this entire adventure for 14 years. ⁣

We basically grew up together, Maya and I. She was always there. Every night out with friends. Every change room at the mall. I had a playpen in my car at all times so we could go everywhere together. ⁣

She always listened. ⁣
Never talked back. ⁣
Maybe got in trouble once, and even then everyone in the room looked at me like a “oh let’s just let it go” because she really never did a thing wrong. ⁣

Maya Summer was born at 8pm on June 11, 2006. She was 9lbs, 21 1/2 inches long. ⁣

At age 2 all she cared about was Backyardigans and Dora. ⁣
At age 4, puzzles. Lots and lots of puzzles. ⁣
Age 6, Bolt and all things Disney. ⁣
Age 8, Hello Kitty. ⁣
Age 10, Video games, even coding her own. ⁣
Age 12, Anime, chicken nuggets. ⁣
Age 14, Hello Kitty, Cosplay, ketchup, lots of music. ⁣

But all of that can’t explain who Maya just is. This girl with a heart and mind of her own, and a heart and mind for people, too. ⁣

When you ask me what my proudest accomplishments are, it will always start with her. Even if I’m not sure who parented who half the time. ⁣

My best friend. ⁣
My soul talk go-to. ⁣
The girl who gives hugs away like candy. ⁣

Maya, your greatest fear is for people to be disappointed in you. I know that. ⁣
I want you to know, you’ve never disappointed me. Not once. Not ever. None of us are perfect, but you are so close to it. You push for what’s right. You care about the world. You do you, even when nobody else is. I am so proud of everything you are and everything you will be. ⁣

It took me 15 tests to believe you were coming, and 14 years to try and comprehend how I even got so lucky at all. ⁣

I love you. ⁣More than you know. More than I could ever possibly translate.
Let’s have an unconventional 14th birthday!

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