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If you look in the mirror and hate the reflection, it’s not time to clean the mirror, it’s time to clean your mind. 

We fight against ourselves. Waging war on our minds and bodies and forgetting that perhaps we are going about it all wrong. Perhaps, we need just a little more grace and love. 

I love doing my hair and makeup and putting on a dress. But my worth is not gone the moment those things come off. I love living a healthy lifestyle, and feeling amazing. But my worth is not in the number on the scale. Not anymore. While it may have been numbers of victory in the past, I don’t see them that way anymore. If I did, I’d be in a mental dumpster for the healthy re-gain I’ve had. 

I’m still on a journey and I’m still changing my mental dialogue. But so far, this is what I’ve learned: 

I’m more than a number on a scale. 

I’m more than a perfect lipstick. 

I’m more than my scars and cellulite. 

I’m more than what my bank account tells me. 

I’m more than what someone else thinks of me.

I’m more than what I think of me sometimes, too. 

Bottom line: 

You are more.

Let go of all the pressures and expectations. Let them go. It’s ok to feel pretty. It’s ok to make changes to be your best self. It’s ok to have authority over your body and make choices that are yours alone. It’s ok to get strong and go to the gym and rock abs. It’s also ok to rock those cute muffin tops (which everyone knows is the best part of the muffin). Those things are all valid and none of them equate to your worth. 

You are more.