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I’ve noticed something over the years. I’ve watched and been inspired through hundreds of stories of women working to improve themselves. Losing weight. Hunkering down. Tackle the issues. Slowly but surely out comes a whole new person. The “after”. This post isn’t to inflate one or shame another. This is a post to explain that, while you think you may know about ones body and gauge success based on appearances, maybe it’s time we stop to show grace, love and celebration of ALL bodies. 

That first photo? She was in the weeds of motherhood, pregnancies and postpartum. But her body was WORKING. She was overweight, exhausted and victim to her food addictions. But she grew and birthed 3 babies throughout it all. So I will celebrate her. 

That middle photo? She’d lost 110lbs! Weight coming off steadily through exercise and food tracking over the course of 2 years and even though she dipped too low, I’m proud of her too. Because she was in the most stressful time of her life. She was struggling with gut issues, divorce, complete life uprooting while working 2 jobs and raising 3 kids. She maybe didn’t have everything right, but she was working it out. And I will celebrate her. 

And then there’s the 3rd photo. The now. That girl, she found her balance. Somewhere that isn’t so restrictive and terrified of food but still mindful of that old addiction. She’s confident in her body more than ever. She’s owning it. She’s still learning and dealing with stress in better, more healthy ways. She’s still far too busy for her own good, but she’s landing in a safe place. I will celebrate her, too. 

There will be photos to follow these. And more after that. This is not a spectrum of success but a development of ones story. It’s not a straight line and it’s ok to be working towards a balance and learning along the way. I was overweight. I was underweight. I am now balanced. But I will celebrate this journey, it has taught me so much and more importantly -Helped me fall in love with myself enough to care. 

Take time to celebrate where you’ve come from and where you are. There is so much to be thankful for. There is much to celebrate.