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Body confidence is an incredible movement, isn’t it?

Women, truly celebrating and adoring that the female form is not one shape or size, or one color or age.

There is much to be celebrated.

But then there’s the other side of it. And we were probably all bracing for it. When people would find a new way to judge. A new way to poke and prod, and break down.

“How can you be body confidence/self-loving and get botox?”

“How can you believe in self-love but support plastic surgery?”

“How can you be SO fake, yet come off trying to be real?”

These are the comments I’ve been reading as of late, not on mine necessarily, but on other pages as well.

Here’s maybe my thoughts on it, something I’ve been strong to believe for a while, but perhaps didn’t know quite how to say it.


I believe that our bodies are our own.

I believe that shame is introduced, and we work to earn back trust, love, and positivity towards our bodies.

I believe that we make choices for ourselves. Choices that not everyone will understand our support, but they are OURS to make.

I believe that being body confidence is having authority over your own skin.

I believe that self-love is merely a place of the heart where you can make these choices for yourself in a place of love, rather than hate.


What she does with her body does not concern you. What you do with yours does not concern her.

Let’s not forget that decades ago it was taboo to dye your hair. It was a secret kept amongst women who need not dare to share what they did.

Nowadays we are still met with shame over things that literally do not impact anyBODY but our body.

If you want to be body confident and self-loving, the first thing you can do is stop trying to have an opinion on others bodies. It’s hard. Like, real hard. But it’ll help you stop being so critical about your own too.

I believe we as women need to be more supportive, more caring, more understanding. Life is tough. Loving our bodies is a series of hurdles in a long journey. Maybe we aren’t getting it all right, but the more we support our individuality and choices, the better community we will be.

And maybe it’s just me. But I love my body, but I also love my fake hair. So… 🤟