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A woman’s body is revered, respected and adored when pregnant. But much like a deflated balloon, after birth, the party seems to be over. ⁣

It’s been 10 years since I gave birth.⁣
About only 3 years since I began to emotionally heal and show my body the respect it deserved, postpartum. ⁣

I’ve been shushed many times by those who will believe postpartum is only a one year term, ostracizing me for a delay in healing, even when the words themselves mean “after birth”. ⁣

This is me, 10 years after birth. ⁣
Respecting my postpartum body, my existence in life after birth. ⁣

I never really thanked her for how she grew. I never really celebrated her in the years after. ⁣

Today I stand here and I have some better narratives. ⁣

Today I stand here, in the evidence of life, in the presence of celebration. ⁣

For even deflated balloons know, life and the memories we make in it extends far beyond parties anyhow.

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