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March is Endometriosis Awareness Month, and it felt important to bring this topic to the podcast. With the diagnosis of endo taking often up to a decade, and too often it’s symptoms being called “normal” this was an opportunity for us to learn from another’s story so we are encouraged to become advocates for ourselves and our health. That’s where Leslie comes in. She’s young, cool as hell, and the mom to the world’s most famous pug, Doug. Her life is absolutely insane, from red carpets, a toy line, super bowl commercials and then to suffering in pain with this crippling disorder.

Leslie shares her experience with endometriosis and how online community helped her along the way, and why she hopes to continue to spread awareness, including through music and her own online platform.

Follow Leslie @LeslieMosier on Instagram, along with @DougThePug and her husband (and support human) @RobChianelli 

Mentioned in the podcast: Nanny’s Nook Endometriosis Education Public Group on Facebook.

Get Better by Leslie Mosier: