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My friend Raia “Coach” Carey is a 3x certified Life Coach and  motivational speaker who is passionate about helping people tap into their hidden confidence. The topic of confidence is near and dear to her heart, because when Raia was younger she was bullied and then became the bully. Afterwards, Raia changed her mentality and ultimately was a catalyst in eliminating bullying in her high school. Coach Carey’s ‘The Confidence Talk’ has allowed her to provide corporate wellness workshops/talks to some of the top companies in the world including but not limited to; RBC Royal Bank, LinkedIn, Tribal Scale, Soho House, and League. Coach Carey believes part of her success comes from her willingness to be vulnerable, by sharing her triumphs & tribulations. Including overcoming bullying & racism, as well as her journey of losing over 300lbs, and how she was able to achieve and maintain her own confidence.

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