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Here’s the thing. NO part of me WANTED to have my cellulite seen by a large group of friends. It’s natural. It’s normal. I KNOW. That doesn’t give me the desire or the confidence. It fights against it, actually. ⁣

Here’s the magic: it made no difference in my existence today. Having cellulite. Stretch marks. A body that isn’t confirming to societal standards in every way? Well, it meant nothing. ⁣

Why is that? Well. Because I refuse to let it hold me back from it all. I refuse to let something so UNIMPORTANT somehow roadblock me from experiences that are once in a lifetime. ⁣

And let me be clear: every moment is once in a lifetime. It’s all happening right now. In every situation. In every moment. ⁣

Sometimes when it comes to breaking free from the thoughts around our bodies, it comes down to a simple fight: we choose to exist, to show up, for these once in a lifetime moments. ⁣

The audacity!! ⁣

Oh it’s all so freaking freeing. ⁣

(And just so you know- no part of me wants to post this picture. But by freaking DAMN let it create the ripples we need it to. Normalize the sh*t out of it all. Because I’m not going back into the boxes I already broke out of).