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Lately people have been all a chatter that there’s just “too many people just hopping on the bandwagon” by showing up online showing their forms. ⁣

But… ⁣
I was thinking about it. ⁣
It’s not that we’re suddenly experiencing women in bikinis, or even undies in media. ⁣

This is all very far from new. ⁣
We’ve been seeing it for decades, really. ⁣
I don’t recall a single day I haven’t. ⁣

The difference is simple. ⁣
The difference is now holding the power. ⁣
And using that power to show that ALL are welcome! ⁣

This is no bandwagon.⁣
It’s just a whole bunch of people finding out their worth is just as great as all the people we’ve witnessed for decades before, but just looked not quite like us, and all quite the same. ⁣

Diversity, in its entirety (size, gender, colour, ability, etc) is not a trend to be set. It is a necessary step as a society, even while there is still much privilege for many, and even while we still have much further to go. Diversity is not opening the door for some, it is opening the door for all. I’m sorry to those who ever felt the door closing in their face as they tried to walk through it, or mocked as they tried. ⁣

So if you see someone posting something showing their body, just remember: this isn’t about a trend, popularity, or a bandwagon. This is us, one by one, stepping out of boxes we didn’t realize we were in, and letting others know: they can too. ⁣

That you, can too. We’re all in this together. We’re working, to hold open that door. 🤝