Where do we go from here? ⁣

I rarely know what I’m going to post in a day. Always a bit of a journal of a journey, but it’s been connected on a heart level for far too long for me to just “post away as normal” as if everything didn’t just shift. ⁣

So I need to start here. ⁣
While I will be announcing some action steps and changes to my platform and business in the coming days, I can’t start there. ⁣

I have to start here. ⁣

I have to acknowledge my shortcomings, ⁣
and apologize. ⁣
I can’t say that I haven’t known many of the things that have come to light. Even if it felt shocking, none of this is new news. ⁣

I’ve known. ⁣
Haven’t we always known? ⁣

I just continued like it was out of my hands. ⁣
Out of my control. ⁣
Not something I was involved in. ⁣

Enough. ⁣
It’s time I do my part. ⁣
Acknowledging and using the privilege I benefit from DAILY.⁣

Often feeling so wrapped up by my own life, fragility, feelings, body or past trauma, I had simply bubbled myself into my own experiences. ⁣

And now, that bubble has burst. ⁣

I took a bias test, sure I would pass. ⁣
Believing I was not someone who carried bias for race. ⁣

And I failed. ⁣
Slightly, but a fail is a fail. ⁣

I’m sorry for the things I have known ⁣
and not worked to change. ⁣
I’m sorry for how much focus I gave myself when I should have been asking questions, looking beyond myself and learning. ⁣
I’m sorry that it’s taken me 12 years with a platform to finally wake up to using it for much more. ⁣
I’m sorry for keeping my mouth shut, when I should have been using it. ⁣

I’m sorry. ⁣
It starts here. ⁣

# BlackLivesMatter